TCHS Pickering Post: November Edition

Posted by Kelsey Mattia on 11/9/2021

Principal’s Corner:
November is for “Thanks” and “Giving”

While I try to make it a practice to always give thanks for the many gifts I am given on a day-to-day basis, November seems to be a month that encourages us all to stop and recognize the people in our lives for which we are thankful. One of the greatest gifts I have as the principal of TCHS Pickering is the opportunity to interact with incredible students and teachers every day. Their insight, heart and drive are a daily proclamation of how fortunate I am to be in this position. Recently, Laura McGinley, one of our esteemed staff members, was nominated and won the prestigious Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction award. She was recognized by student Nigel Cook for her dedication to her students and profession. It is examples like this that are a reminder of how important it is to remember those who make a difference in our lives and to take a moment to reach out and connect with kindness and gratitude.

This month, TCHS Pickering is also focusing on “giving.” Throughout the entire month, we are accepting donations of adult hats, gloves, socks, hand and foot warmers, travel size deodorant sticks and travel size toothpaste for a local organization that provides these supplies to those in need. Please consider sending in a donation with your student to put on or under our “Giving Tree.” We truly appreciate the support you and your family provide to TCHS and the community.

With great enthusiasm,

Erin Petters

Principal, TCHS Pickering

Celebrating Diversity- the Pickering way!

The TCHS Pickering Diversity Club's mission is to encourage students to become global citizens and learn more about the diverse community within and surrounding TCHS Pickering. This club provides a sense of belonging within a safe zone so that students can share experiences and celebrate their unique and individual traits in a bully-free zone.

During the month of October, the club focused on celebrating bilingual students by creating a poster that showcased the many languages around the world as well as learning about Diwali festivities. (Happy Diwali, everyone!)

We can't wait to share more of our activities in the upcoming months!

TCHS Pickering’s Internship Program

Did you know that TCHS Pickering offers an internship program to our junior and seniors, as well as our 13th and 14th year students? This program allows students to obtain work-based experience in their career and technical program area while building their resume. The internship provides students with a broad overview of their career-aligned field and realistic work experience, and transportation is even provided to and from the internship if needed! Although these are unpaid internships, the students go out one or two days a week for a total of 120 hours and report back to their instructors. Congratulations to the following students on obtaining internships for this quarter!

  • Taylor Payne, Great Valley High School
  • Noah Cogliano, Great Valley High School
  • Kalia Lambert, Conestoga High School
  • Miakoda Tanner, Spring Ford Senior High School
  • Jonah Spencer-Wallace, Perkiomen Valley High School

Teacher Feature

Dr. Dan Stillman, CNC Machining Instructor

Meet Mr. Dan Stillman, our Precision CNC Machining Instructor! Mr. Stillman loves to fish, kayak, play computer games and read (currently reading Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo!). When he’s not enjoying one of his hobbies, he’s honing his professional skills of metal and woodworking and creating super cool projects that your child will also create when enrolled in his class! “Machining” is a great trade for those who love to work with their hands, work with technology and are creatively minded. Most of the products that we use daily can be created by a machinist, such as phones, art and decor, electric guitars, golf putters, cars and so much more! Skilled machinists are highly sought after and have a career with unlimited potential!  

TCHS Pickering’s Social Media Accounts

Want to see all the great things happening at TCHS Pickering, OR, want share some projects or great photos of your student here at TCHS Pickering?! Follow and tag us at:

  • Facebook: @PickeringCampus
  • Instagram: @mytchs

Important Dates:

  • November 8-12: Student Program Shadow Week
  • November 15-19: Career Readiness Week
  • November 29-30: Student of the Quarter Celebration 

Ongoing Events:

  • 100 Club and REAL Card drawings - ask your student(s) if they were a “REAL Winner” this month!
  • SkillsUSA, Pickering Pride, Diversity Club, Pickering Pals and more! Ask your student(s) how they are involved in the TCHS community!