September's Buzz

Posted by Haley Taylor on 9/15/2021 1:00:00 PM

Thanks to BVA's Teaching Assistants for all Their Hard Work!

Abigail Cellars 

“She has provided many opportunities for me to get extra help with work; as well as providing me schedules so that I stay on track with my school work!” ~Mathea Dunn

“Ms. Cellars has consistently pushed me to get my work done. She encourages me and listens to me when I need support, she goes above and beyond to support me and keep me on task. She also has nominated me for a scholarship that I would have never expected, she truly sees the good in her students and does the most to help them succeed. I really can’t express how grateful I am for Ms. Cellars and how much she’s done for me In terms of both my mental well-being and my academic career! ~Violet Noecker 

“She helped me with tech issues and with attendance issues!”  ~Christopher Doherty

"Ms. Abby has made me feel really important and that I can do anything. She really made me feel special with all her kind words and check-ins. ” ~Dylan Butler

Aubrey Stokes

“She was great this year with a lot of help. Much better than the school could've done” 
~Aaron Colella 

“She was there if I needed help” ~Wyatt Davenport

Candice Amory

“Always supporting my virtual learning!” ~Noori Choudhary

“She is the best!” ~Tymire Hollman

“She has been very encouraging this year!” ~Elle McDonald 

Lisa Compher

“She has got me in contact with the right people or those I didn't have the contact information for!” ~Madyson Burkhart

“My Teaching Assistant has been very encouraging this school year!” ~Ayanna Lanoix

"She has always told me how great I'm doing and has always motivated when I don't feel motivated. Mrs. Compher has made me feel at home in the virtual academy and I truly feel that she is amazing." ~Taylor McCoy