January's Buzz

Posted by Nadira Presley on 1/12/2022

A Note from Dr. George F. Fiore, Executive Director,  Chester County Intermediate Unit, to You and Your Families

Happy New Year, BVA! The start of a new year brings a mix of emotions. You may be feeling confident and positive about the chance of a fresh start, or you may be feeling anxious or nervous about what is to come. I know that sometimes new things can be scary, but it is times like this when we learn and we grow as individuals. Instead of feeling worried about a new start, I challenge you to embrace the new year with a sense of optimism and hope. I have some tips that may assist all of us in making 2022 a positive experience.

When you are encountering a new situation, I encourage you to ask questions. A good line of thinking that I like to remind myself is to be curious! When you are learning a new concept or encountering a new situation, I have found that the more curious I am the faster I learn and acclimate. Asking questions not only supports you, but also helps those answering your questions. Staying curious is a great way for everyone to grow together.

In March 2020, we all encountered a situation that was new to us – a pandemic. I had never lived through a pandemic before and most of what I knew about a pandemic was when I was teaching about the Spanish Flu of 1918. Suddenly, I was not just facing Covid-19 as an individual and as a father of three young kids, but also as a leader. People would look to me for answers I did not have. Instead of running from this challenge, I faced it head on. I asked a lot of questions, and I learned a lot. I also found that people wanted to help me be successful. I feel much more confident in my role now after lots of practice and I am thankful I was and remain curious.

Look for the helpers and for the people who care about you and your ability to succeed and I know you will make 2022 your best year yet!

January 3rd: International Mind-Body Wellness Day

Everyone talks about the importance of self-care, but did you know that there is a whole day dedicated to it? We did not either but are so glad we found out! Selfcare is easier said than done, and besides, who has the time? Why not challenge yourselves, as you start the new year, to make that time? The "WELL Method" might help you find your starting point. Recognize that we need to make conscious efforts to find a work-life balance, expect excellence of yourself, live your purpose, and practice love rather than fear. You matter the most! Challenge yourself to make YOU a priority and as Dr. Fiore said, ask how to do so if you are uncertain. Reach out to someone when you need to talk and set aside some time to just be you! Finish that puzzle, take that hike, read the books on your list, start painting! Whatever you enjoy, make the time to do it, and remember to BE WELL!

January 17th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Every third Monday in January, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. King was an advocate for engaging in nonviolent protests to end racial segregation. In 1963, the Baptist Minister led the March on Washington where he gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech in front of 250,000 people. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, making him the youngest person to receive such honor at age 35. After King's assassination in 1969, King's wife, Corretta Scott King continued the fight she and her husband started and founded Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Nonviolent Social Change.

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