February's Buzz

Posted by Nadira Presley on 2/9/2022

A Message From Our Operations Manager, Mr. Kevin Ballisty To BVA Students And Families

Hi Students! We are so glad you are back for another great semester! I am your Operations Manager, Mr. Ballisty. I work behind the scenes here at BVA, and with the rest of your support systems, to help make your online journey a positive one. I make sure you can access your courses, receive workbooks or novels, laptops, fix course glitches, just to name a few. I want everything to run as smoothly as possible for you, you have enough to focus on! So, if you ever need a book or other materials for courses, or if your course platform is glitching, make sure to let your Student Advisor know so that I can help resolve those issues as soon as I can.

Great job with Fall Semester everyone!

During Black History Month, We Recognize Trailblazers and Leaders Now and Throughout History

February is Black History Month, and the story of Black Americans is one of triumph. Through hardship came strength; through strength came unity. As we reflect on our history, we acknowledge that we have made progress, however as a nation, we also acknowledge there is still more work to be done to achieve equity. We know of icons and leaders like Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King, but there are so many other names to learn; names who have changed all our lives, not just Black lives. Black history is American history, and our diversity is our strength.

Written by: Rachael Williams

Speaking Of Trailblazers, In 2008, Barack Obama Became The First Black President of The Unites States

Barack Obama, born in 1961 in Hawaii, raised by both his Grandmother and Mother, mostly separately, at various times throughout his childhood. Both instilled in Obama the importance of education as well as developing and maintaining a strong work ethic.

Historical Black Figures: Changing The Nation

Robert Smalls 1839- 1915

Robert Smalls and a small crew of slaves stole a Confederate war ship with useful supplies and brought the ship to the Union, freeing himself, his family, and sixteen others. After a successful and legendary escape, Smalls became one of the first African American pilots in the U.S Navy. When the Civil War was over, he became a businessman. Later, he served in both Houses of South Carolina legislature. Robert Smalls was a Civil War hero and much more. He should always be remembered as such.

Lewis Latimer 1848- 1928

Son to fugitive slaves, Lewis Latimer learned mechanical drawing in the Union Navy and later worked at a patent firm. After impressing the firm, Latimer was given his own office where he would develop many inventions including an improved railroad car bathroom and an early air conditioning unit. Later in life, Latimer would work with Alexander Graham Bell on the patents for Bell's telephone. Latimer also helped Thomas Edison make the lightbulb cheaper and more efficient.

Written by: BVA Student Faith Rosario

President's Day

Achieving the American Dream, Barack Obama went from middle class Hawaiian to President of the United States of America. Before becoming president, Obama had to work hard which first led him to graduating from Harvard University. After college, Obama worked on registering tens of thousands of African Americans from Chicago to vote. With continued hard work, Obama would be elected to the Illinois senate in 1996. Eight years later, Obama would become a US senator. With great speeches that inspired hope, Barack Obama won America over and became the 44th president of the United States in 2008. Barack Obama would serve two terms as president.

References and Links for Further Reading

The Escape of Robert Smalls: A Daring Voyage Out of Slavery by Jehan Jones- Radgowski

VIP: Lewis Latimer: Engineering Wizard by: Denise Lewis Patrick

Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Hope Poster