C of Services A to Z

Career Development Center
Principal, Child & Career Development Center

The Career Development Center is a center-based, pre-vocational program for students in a highly structured, staff-intensive environment. The program provides learning experiences for students with learning disabilities, physical handicaps, mild emotional and behavioral challenges, and mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

Basic academic, life and pre-vocational skills are taught in an integrated program for students, aged 14 to 21 years old. Academic and pre-vocational skills are tailored to student abilities and interests as determined by the student's individualized education plan (IEP) team. In addition to providing evidence based instruction in the core content areas, additional emphasis is placed on developing functional skills ranging from basic survival and self-help to higher level reading and math skills.

Program Features:
  • Community-based instruction
  • Computer literacy education
  • Cooperative education (work-study)
  • Individual assessment and educational planning
  • Integrated pre-vocational and academic programs
  • Interagency coordination - OVR and MH/IDD
  • Job coaching for students involved in work experience program
  • Prosocial skills instruction
  • Social experiences - student council, dances, assemblies, field trips, Special Olympics, etc.
  • Structured environment
  • Transition services
Pre-vocational instruction is provided according to students' interests and abilities. These experiences may include:
  • Automobile servicing
  • Carpentry 
  • Computer Assistive Design (CAD) 
  • Culinary arts
  • Food preparation 
  • Health and child care
  • Horticulture 
  • Project development
  • Small engine repair
  • Technology
Each student’s program follows the mandate of his/her individualized education plan and his/her school district's graduation requirements. 
The primary goal is to assist students in developing the necessary self-help skills, social skills, independent living skills, work habits, and appropriate behavior to be successful in regular vocational programs and/or the world of work.
Director of STEM, Innovative Educational Services
CCiTV and Keystone On Demand provide live and on-demand video delivery over the internet. Video-on-Demand services broadcast educational content at http://ccitv.cciu.org and http://video.paiunet.org. CCiTV also provides live-stream services to broadcast school events live over the internet.
Changes (Drug & Alcohol Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Program)
           Josette Grady
Clinical Supervisor
The Changes program is an alternative high school program that addresses the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students who are not succeeding in a traditional high school setting due to substance abuse. The Changes program provides an opportunity for students to receive an integrated program of treatment for substance abuse with individualized, rigorous academics in a small, caring, personalized setting.
The primary goal of the program is to provide students with the skills to maintain sobriety, achieve academic success, transition into the community, and return to the regular school setting.
Chester County, PA Public Schools Professional Recruiting Consortium
Director of Human Resources
This is a cooperative effort of local school districts and the CCIU to recruit outstanding professional employees throughout the eastern seaboard. This effort saves time, energy, money and resources for individual districts and the intermediate unit as they pool their resources to recruit professional employees.
Frank McKnight
The Technical College High School is a public high school specializing in career and technical education. The Brandywine Campus serves students in the following schools/districts: Coatesville Area, Downingtown Area, West Chester Area and Bishop Shannahan High School. Career and technical programs provided at the Brandywine Campus are as follows: 
  • Allied Health Science Technology 
  • Animal Science and Technology 
  • Automotive Collision Technology
  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Baking and Pastry Arts
  • Barbering 
  • Carpentry
  • Commercial and Graphic Arts
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice and Police Science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems
  • Electronic Systems Technology (Also includes Robotics and Mechatronics)
  • Engine Technology and Recreational Vehicles
  • Health Career Pathways
  • HVAC/Refrigeration Technology
  • Market and Financial Services
  • Teacher Academy (seniors only)
  • Veterinary Science
The Chester County Technical College High School features three distinct yet interrelated educational programs: traditional high school career and technical programs, traditional college courses, and new dual-enrollment initiatives that blend high school with for-credit college courses.
The Technical College High School is a partnership between the Chester County Intermediate Unit and Delaware County Community College and serves students from the Avon Grove, Kennett Consolidated, Octorara Area, Oxford Area and Unionville-Chadds Ford School Districts, as well as Avon Grove Charter School.

Traditional career and technical programs include:
  • Allied Health (seniors only)
  • Animal Science and Technology
  • Automotive Collision Technology
  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Carpentry
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice & Police Sciences
  • Culinary Arts
  • Early Childhood Care & Education
  • Engine Technology & Recreation Vehicles
  • Engineering and Robotics
  • Health Career Pathways
  • HVAC/Refrigeration Technology
  • Sports Medicine (seniors only)
  • Teacher Academy (seniors only)
  • Veterinary Science
The Chester County Technical College High School is a public high school specializing in career and technical education. The Pickering Campus serves students in the Downingtown Area (East Campus), Great Valley, Owen J. Roberts, Phoenixville Area and Tredyffrin/Easttown school districts. The following career and technical programs are provided at the Pickering Campus:
  • Allied Health Science Technology (seniors only)
  • Animal Science & Technology
  • Auto Collision Technology
  • Auto Service Technology
  • Carpentry
  • Commercial & Graphic Arts
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice & Police Science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Digital Media and Sound Communications
  • Early Childhood Care & Education
  • Engineering & Automated Manufacturing Technology
  • Engine Technology
  • Health Career Pathways
  • Precision CNC Machining
  • Robotics & Avionics
  • Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Teacher Leadership Academy (seniors only)
Chester County Wind Ensemble
Supervisor, Non-Public School Services
The Chester County Youth Wind Ensemble will provide a performance opportunity for middle school students to come together to learn and grow through a band program. This ensemble would mirror the Chester County Youth Orchestra, which has been in existence for 23 years under the partial sponsorship of Intermediate Unit.

The Wind Ensemble performs two concerts annually. Students are accepted to the ensemble by auditions which are held in the Fall.

Chester County Youth Center Program
Supervisor, Non-Public School Services
This program provides the educational program at the Chester County Youth Center. The educational program addresses the academic needs of adjudicated adolescents and those requiring a shelter for various other reasons.
Chester County Youth Orchestra
Supervisor, Non-Public School Services
The Chester County Youth Orchestra (CCYO) provides gifted student musicians in grades five through 12 with the opportunity to develop individual and ensemble musical performance skills and to learn standard orchestral repertoire. In addition to performing as a symphony orchestra, select students play in chamber ensembles (string quartets and wind ensembles).

The orchestra performs a minimum of two public concerts annually. Students are accepted to the CCYO by audition only. Auditions are held in early September and January.

Child Care Services - Infant and Toddler Center
The infant and toddler centers serve children 6 weeks to 5 years old*. The programs are funded in part by the Department of Public Welfare. The program follows a 180-day school calendar, and the centers are open from 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

*The program is open to the community but largely serves teen parents from Chester County school districts.
Child & Career Development Center
The Child & Career Development Center (CCDC) provides educational programs for students identified as requiring autistic support, multi-disability support, emotional support, learning support, and life skills support.
Comprehensive Planning and School Improvement Planning 
         Dara Kline
         Innovative Educational Services
The CCIU works with teams from schools and districts to develop effective plans that meet all PDE requirements and improve student achievement. Teams use relevant data to identify the root cause, choose/develop an action plan, identify their desired outcomes, and reflect on the action plan's design. Lastly, the team articulates its commitment to providing the appropriate time and resources to ensure the success of the Comprehensive Plan and/or the School Improvement Plan. 
Computer Repair
Director of Information Technology
This service provides repair of computers, printers, and related hardware. Repairs may take ten business days or longer (depending on parts availability) to complete.
Conference Center and Facilities Rental
Conference Center Coordinator
The Conference Center at the Chester County Intermediate Unit provides a full-service, state-of-the-art training and meeting facility for hosting seminars, workshops, and meetings held by educational institutions, businesses, non-profit and government organizations.

Centrally located in the heart of Chester County, the facility’s professional atmosphere and purposeful design support and promote learning and the sharing of ideas.
Consortium Pricing
Director, Innovative Educational Services
Consortium pricing is available for curriculum materials and technology products when there is an interest from more than 50% of Chester County school districts.
Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
This program provides educators with undergraduate and graduate-level courses for continuing professional education (CPE) credit. The Chester County Continuing Professional Education Council reviews and recommends course proposals to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for accreditation. CPE course credits may be applied toward Act 48 requirements or Instructional II certification.
Countywide Inservice
Staff Development Specialist
The Countywide Inservice program is held each November on election day. Workshops are designed to meet the unique staff development needs of special area educators including:
  • Special education teachers
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Guidance counselors
  • Social workers
  • Family and consumer science teachers
  • Speech and language specialists
  • Education technology teachers
  • Gifted education teachers
  • Librarians
  • Psychologists
  • School nurses
  • World language teachers
  • ESL teachers
Hours attended at these workshops may be applied toward Act 48 requirements.
Course and Workshop Support Services
Staff Development Specialist
This service is offered to outside organizations that run their own education-focused CPE courses and/or workshops. The primary goal of this program is to offer a bridge between these organizations and the educational community. Through this program, educators are linked with alternate professional development opportunities. Organizations may contract with CCIU to provide various levels of advertising, registration and Act 48 reporting services for the participants in their programs.
Crisis Response
Supervisor, Clinical Treatment Programs
To help determine the most appropriate intervention, crisis team members use their clinical awareness of the impact of trauma and grief on both the individual and the school system. The Chester County crisis response team assists schools/districts during a crisis by sending a trained team to any school or district needing assistance. Areas of assistance include, but are not limited to: letters to parents; safe rooms; before and after school meeting agendas; staff assignments; and media guidelines.
Curriculum Needs Assessment Study
TaC Supervisor, Innovative Educational Services
This service provides school districts with an in-depth external review of their curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Analysis can be conducted by content area or by organizational level. All reviews are collaboratively planned with district staff.