G of Services A to Z


Gateway Program - Chester County Technical College High (TCHS) Brandywine and Pennock's Bridge Campuses
Supervisor, Special Education 

The Gateway program offers middle school (Brandywine only) and high school programming, with smaller academic and elective classroom environments, and mental health counseling for students with special education needs who exhibit mild to moderate adjustment difficulties. Students work independently in small group settings to develop coping and social skills and complete academic coursework. 

Program Features
  • Grade level curriculum
  • Opportunity for high school students to participate in Career and Technical programs in lieu of elective classes
  • Individualized mental health support
  • Psychological assessment
  • Consultation with community agencies
  • Comprehensive career assessment
  • Dual enrollment available
Government Relations/Legislative Services
Director of Communications

Chester County school directors and school district administrators are apprised of current legislative and regulatory activity. Area legislators are informed of the impact of proposed legislation on local school districts. Additionally, the director serves as a liaison to various statewide legislative councils. The Chester County School Boards Legislative Council is a component of this service. 
Graduate Programs and Certificates
            Mary Driscoll
            Program Development Specialist
The CCIU partners with higher education institutions to offer graduate level courses, programs and certifications. Some courses are held at a satellite campus, some at the institution’s campus and others are offered online, allowing flexibility for teachers to advance their careers. The programs include a variety of graduate level courses and certifications in several content areas. Visit our website to view current programs.