H of Services A to Z


Head Start
         Cynthia Schofield

Head Start provides developmentally appropriate early childhood services to children, aged three to five years old. Children receive free medical and dental screenings and nutritious meals and snacks. Head Start provides children with activities that help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally and physically. Centers are conveniently located in Coatesville, Downingtown, Jennersville, Kennett Square, Oxford, Phoenixville, and West Chester. Classes are half-day, Monday-Thursday. Funds are provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. The program aims to educate families to achieve sustainable and successful life skills. Over 446 children participate in the Head Start program each year.

Hearing Impaired Communication Classroom - Preschool Special Education

Supervisor, Special Education

The preschool classroom for children who are hearing impaired provides learning experiences in a language-rich environment for children three to five years of age. Programming is provided for eligible children as determined by the IEP team. 

The primary goal of the program is to improve communication skills through spoken language and listening. Sign language support may be used as a bridge to oral language.

Program Features

  • Individual assessment and educational planning
  • Learning outcomes based on the child’s needs
  • Assistive technology
  • Family service plan provided at parent’s request
  • Parent training

The instructional program includes:

  • Readiness skills 
  • Sign language support (as needed) 
  • Auditory skills
  • Social skills 
  • Communication skills 
  • Language skills

Related services provided in the program include:

  • Speech and language therapy 
  • Occupational and physical therapy

Health and support services provided in the basic program include:

  • Psychological assessment and consultative services
  • Service coordination 
  • Psychiatric consultation
 Hearing Impaired Support Program - Itinerant
Carolyn Muller, Ed.D.
Supervisor, Special Education
The Itinerant Hearing Impaired Support Program provides specialized services and instruction for students, ages five-21, in their current educational setting. The level of intervention is determined by student need on an individual basis.
Teachers of the hearing impaired provide classroom teachers with strategies for working with students with hearing impairments. Auditory training units are provided to students as appropriate. Loaner hearing aids are provided when personal aids are not working. Audiological services are provided as a related service. 
Katie Corry
Supervisor, Special Education
The Homebound program is a home-based program providing learning experiences at home for students who have medical needs so severe that they cannot attend a school-based program. Instruction is provided for students aged five through 21 years old. Parents/guardians are fully involved in this educational process.  
The primary goal of the program is to enable students to maintain optimal function in the areas of cognition, communication and self-help. 

Home & Community Services

Catherine McCarthy

Home & Community Services provides behavioral and mental health rehabilitation services (wraparound) to children and their families. Wraparound services offer an alternative to more restrictive intervention, such as an out-of-home placement.

H&CS strives to coordinate and enhance the natural supports and services for children diagnosed with behavioral and mental health disorders, including, but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).  

Our services features:

  • Anger management and conflict resolution techniques
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Behavior de-escalation, safety and crisis planning
  • Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC), Mobile Therapy (MT) and Therapeutic Staff support (TSS)
  • Emotional support for the child and family
  • Implementation of behavior plans
  • Peer integration structuring
In addition to Wraparound services, H&CS offers a variety of other services such as Respite, Support Coordination through the Adult Autism Waiver and a variety of services through waivers with the Office of Developmental Programs such as Home and Community Habilitation. 

Hosted Services

Tim Currie
Technical Services Manager

Hosted Services provides a combination of traditional IT services over the Internet or other wide area networks (WANs). These include application and Web site hosting; infrastructure, applications, and security monitoring; e-mail; and, off-site data storage. Customers can consolidate their IT needs with Hosted Services for a predictable recurring fee. Hosted Services is able to keep costs low by delivering the same software and service to many customers simultaneously. Customers are charged on a subscription basis.