I of Services A to Z


Information Technology Consulting Services
John A. DeMillion
Director, Information Technology

This program provides customized information technology consulting services in a variety of areas. Services are dependent on technical resource availability and may not be offered at all times.

Instructional Technology and Training Services

Demetrius Roberts
Director of STEM, Innovative Educational Services

This service provides extensive training for school districts in the effective use of instructional technology. CCIU staff work with educators to develop curriculum, educational websites, and collaborative partnerships. In addition to researching and evaluating the newest educational technology, staff develops new applications designed to meet the needs of school districts. Staff develops on-line resources for use by teachers that provide lesson plans, links to curriculum-related websites, video-on-demand, Moodle, multi-user virtual environments and distance learning training and collaborations.

Grant and educational technology consultations are also available.

Interagency Collaboration

Anita Riccio, Ed. D. 
Assistant Director, Student Services


Through the Home, School & Community Council, Local Education Agencies (LEA) have the opportunity to collaborate with child-serving agencies in order to help students succeed in school. Staff from educational, clinical, protective and corrections services work to enhance and coordinate services for students. Meetings can be scheduled by families, LEAs or other child-serving agencies. This program is for regular and special education students who are not fully benefiting from their educational experience. 
 Interpretation and Translation Services
The CCIU provides comprehensive, year-round education-based interpretation and translation services for schools.
The program includes:
  • Fully trained, experienced and professional interpreters accountable under the Pennsylvania Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Interpreters
  • Local understanding of unique cultural influences
  • Fast response time to align with changing schedules
  • Individualized attention to help your school meet federal standards
  • Competitive hourly rates to meet your budgetary needs