Academic & Career Counseling Services


The school counselor monitors academic progress and credit completion. Progress reports are sent home quarterly. Grades can be monitored on a daily basis through PowerSchool. All parents and guardians, as well as students, receive a letter from the guidance department at the beginning of the school year with a username, password and instructions for accessing grades. Please email the guidance secretary if you have misplaced your account information. 
    School counselors are available to assist students with academic and career challenges. Students remain with the same counselor until graduation. Our counselors also serve as liaisons between teachers and parents.


    School Counselors  

    Katie Bickel
    (610) 345-1800, ext.2011

    Kiersten Geist
    (610) 345-1800, ext. 2006
    Guidance Secretary
    Theresa Devlin
    (610) 345-1800, ext. 2007

    Guidance Services

    Students seeking guidance for job counseling, postsecondary school applications, program or class changes, or personal problems may request an appointment in the Guidance Office. Students should have a pass from their instructor in order to go to the office, except in the case of an emergency.

    Additional services provided by the Counseling Department include:

    • Administer PSAT and ASVAB assessments
    • Assist with the completion of college, scholarship, grant and financial aid applications
    • Assist with college and post-secondary career and technical program selections
    • Monitor academic progress and credit completion
    • Prepare student career plans
    • Register students for SAT and ACT
    • Schedule on-site college tours and visitations


Student with Counselor

Contact the Counseling Department

  • 610-345-1800 x2007

Student FAQs

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  • What happens if I am planning to take a vacation or trip out-of-state after I start at TCHS?